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A company’s success or failure is dependent on the people within the organization. This is what makes staffing such a crucial part of building your own business. However, finding the right professional or skilled individual can be easier said than done. In fact, some companies spend a good amount of money in paying head hunting companies in order to find the right match for a certain position. As for larger organizations, they even build a specialized department in charge of all the hiring process to ensure that the person getting hired is a perfect fit within the company. If you find this process a bit too complicated, enter Professional Handshake. Professional Handshake is the all-in-one hiring solution for businesses. It is an app that was created in order to revolutionize the hiring process for companies and job-seeking options for professionals. Aside from a tool used by companies to post jobs and select professionals, it is also the fastest growing community for professionals who are either looking for a full-time job or an extra work that they can add to their schedule. You can find thousands of work opportunities regardless if you are looking for a web-designer or a virtual assistant that can help ease the workload for you.

This app benefits both parties bridging the gap between companies of different sizes and skilled individuals in our network. It provides a platform that helps connect both companies and professionals. With Professional Handshake app, you’ll be able to find both big and small projects and even hire individuals or even teams.

Companies have the option to find regular employees and freelancers. Professional Handshake is an app that is meant to make it easy for businesses of all types to find the right person for the job. It simplifies everything since you can post a job opening and just wait for the best professionals to apply for the position.

We have established a network of professionals from the different parts of the world. With access to different professionals, a company will have broader options and could make staffing an easy task to do. It allows businesses to find the right match to the position with regards to their budget and requirements. It is also possible to invite professionals for an interview. This gives companies direct control on how to find the right person for the job. They can also apply filter tools in order to narrow down their search. You can find a potential freelancer or a full-time employee, or even someone who has a specific number of years of experience in the niche that you are involved in. What makes Professional Handshake different from other platforms is its ability to evaluate the skills of professionals. Professional Handshake offers a variety of tests that can help evaluate certain skills that can come in handy for a certain position. We provide updated tests that are at par with industry standards in order to evaluate the abilities and knowledge of each professional accurately. Not only does it help companies find an easier match, it also helps experienced professionals to land better opportunities for them.

Professional Handshake also makes sure that companies and businesses get connected with the most active professionals. The app provides suggested professionals that not only have the perfect match in terms of skills and experience but also based on their activity on the app. This prevents companies from keeping their hopes up towards inactive professionals. This also incentivizes the professionals to keep on using the system. The job market is now highly competitive, not to mention different from how it was 15 years ago. However, people these days can enjoy more freedom than being tied down to a workplace for the next 8 to 10 hours every day.

A lot of people are now working offshore providing the same quality, if not, better quality services to their employers. Thanks to the internet, a lot of professionals today have the mobility that can lead them to better work opportunities and even provide a good work-life balance on their part.

Given the demand for freelancers today, Professional Handshake provides thousands of short-term job opportunities ranging from one-time projects to tasks that can be covered in a month or two. We are aware that businesses don’t always need an employee that works 40 plus hours a week. This becomes a practical solution both for freelancers who are simply looking for extra few hours of work in their week or for businesses looking for a budget friendly short or midterm project deal.

It is also our mission to make sure that both professionals and businesses get the best experience when using the platform. In order to do this, Professional Handshake came up with a rating system that gives both professionals and businesses the chance to rate their experience with one another.

In order to make sure that it remains transparent, both business and professionals are able to rate each other in a double-blind manner. By having a high rating, this allows businesses to attract more experienced and knowledgeable professionals. You will also be given the chance to dispute the rating in case you think that there is a mistake. You can simply contact us and we’ll be more than happy to respond to your concerns. In order to enhance the communications between businesses and professionals, our app also allows its users to communicate within the app. There is no longer a need to use other communication platforms in order to finalize the deal.

The app has a web and a mobile version available for iOS and Android. It can easily be used whether you are on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Our system maintenance runs every week to make sure that both professionals and businesses have a smooth time using Professional Handshake. With a team of web developers and other technicians involved in the backstage, we make sure that everything runs smoothly for both the professionals’ and the businesses’ end.

And if you have questions or inquiries about anything, we offer 24/7 support ready to take on your concerns. You can send an email, or even opt to have a chat with our team on standby. And to respond to your concern faster, Professional Handshake provides different categories regardless if you have questions regarding your payment, hiring process, or even about the technical details of the app. The goal of Professional Handshake is to make the world a much smaller place in connecting both business and professionals. Regardless if you don’t have the financial capacity to hire a full-time employee, you can easily find freelancers offering a reasonable price range for their services. To make sure that both client and professional are happy with their contract, we provide an in-app option for payment. Professional Handshake functions to escrow the payment for both parties until the business is satisfied with the work done.

We also introduced an option for businesses to work that they only have to pay by the hour. This allows businesses to not only monitor the work done but make sure that they get their money’s worth. Every week, you will be given the screen capture whenever the professional you hired is working on the project. You will be able to review and even contest segments of the work if the screen capture provides a picture of unrelated work.

why choose us

  • Why Use Our App

    A lot of people are asking why use our app? There are a lot of reasons why you can benefit from Professional Handshake app. Given today’s landscape in the job market, professionals need to maximize their network, improve their skills, and must be tech-savvy in order to land the best opportunities. Professional Handshake gives professionals the opportunity to showcase what they are capable of. By updating their profiles every now and then, they will be able to post their current workplace, skills, and even portfolio that can potentially attract businesses with relevant open positions. Professional Handshake app can also benefit companies planning to explore their options in terms of staffing. It allows them to post both short-term and long-term work opportunities that can attract the most skilled individuals.

  • 2. Budget-friendly option

    One of the things that made Professional Handshake a great app is the fact that it simplifies the process of hiring. It allows businesses to have access to available professionals who are also looking for job opportunities. It is also easier to find the right candidate given the app’s ability to filter according to skills, the number of years of experience, and even asking price. In fact, the app is a handy tool that can help lessen the hiring cost. It can even eliminate the need for an HR department especially for a small company that isn’t exactly well-funded.

  • 1. Simplified process of hiring

    One of the things that made Professional Handshake a great app is the fact that it simplifies the process of hiring. It allows businesses to have access to available professionals who are also looking for job opportunities. It is also easier to find the right candidate given the app’s ability to filter according to skills, the number of years of experience, and even asking price. In fact, the app is a handy tool that can help lessen the hiring cost. It can even eliminate the need for an HR department especially for a small company that isn’t exactly well-funded.

  • 3. Numerous Job Opportunities

    Professional Handshake app is a growing network for both employers and employees. There are a number of opportunities that professionals can choose from regardless if they are simply looking for an extra 5-hour work for the entire week, or they are looking for a full-time 40-hour work. There are also different job opportunities that cater to different professionals. Whether it’s a company looking for a web-designer/developer, or some boss that need a virtual assistant who can collate data and schedule tasks, there are countless job opportunities waiting for every professional.

Privacy Policy


We give you the power to share as part of our mission to make the world more open and connected. This policy describes what information we collect and how it is used and shared. You can find additional tools and information at Privacy Basics.

As you review our policy, keep in mind that it applies to all Professional Handshake brands, products and services that do not have a separate privacy policy or that link to this policy, which we call the “Professional Handshake” or “Services.”

You Can Sort By Job!

Finding a job and building a career shouldn’t be difficult. The same goes for companies that are trying to grow with the help of the right people that can fill up certain positions within the organization. Professional Handshake was designed not only as a tool to hire professionals but also as a tool for people to simply connect and even potentially make friends and expand their existing professional network. You will be able to find a community within our platform. You will also find lucrative positions waiting to be filled by some of the most well-established businesses in the industry.


Search Filter

Professional Handshake app is known for allowing users to sort depending on the things that they want to find. You can easily filter the search via professions, you can find the right lawyer, writer, web designer, or even manager that can potentially help your company or simply cover for your needs as an individual. It has the ability to also filter according to location. This gives businesses the idea of the number of potential professionals that they can choose from within their area especially if they need a full-time employee who can work for their firm for the long haul. Using the app, you will also be able to filter based on the number of years of experience. This way, you get an idea just who is the right person for the job that can immediately start the job without too much training.

Find professionals within your budget

For a lot of start-up companies, most of these businesses still don’t have the resources of market leaders. Operating on a small budget can be tricky. Professional Handshake app allows companies that have small budgets to find the most suitable professionals that have the asking rate that they can afford. But does affordable always mean poor quality work? Not necessarily. There are a lot of experienced freelancers that you can connect with. For instance, selecting by region can already provide you with more affordable options. Because the cost of living can be cheaper in some countries, you can also expect lower rates from freelancers residing in these countries. The good news is that they can be just as capable as other freelancers that have a much higher rate.

Find freelancers and full-time employees

Another popular search among business owners is to look for freelancers instead of full-time employees. Hiring freelancers can have its benefits. This can allow the business to operate without the need to increase their office space, or even provide benefits. You have the option to simply pay for the work done. And for small businesses, this is an advantageous position that can help the company maximize profits. You can hire the best professionals for a one-time only job, or even just decide to pay by the hour. Companies that also hire freelancers instead of full-time employees can save money on equipment. Freelancers use their own resources in order to get the job done.

Multiple Job Opportunities

The app offers a number of job opportunities posted by businesses with different budgets. You’ll be able to find different work opportunities. With our growing network of both professionals and businesses, there are plenty of job postings available for different niches.

Check the portfolio

The hiring process should be strict especially since companies will rely on employees and freelancers in order to get the best results. One of the best ways to measure a professional’s ability to provide you with the quality output is by checking the portfolio. The app allows professionals to be able to display links and even upload some of their best works. This automatically makes the recruitment process faster and easier on the part of the company given that potential employers already have an idea of what to expect from someone’s work.

Filter professionals based on rating

Do you simply want to work with hardworking professionals that offer high-quality work and make sure that they meet the scheduled deadlines? Professional Handshake app has an integrated rating system that gives companies the ability to have an idea about the ability of a professional to perform. After each contract, both company and professional have the chance to rate each other. We’ve come up with a transparent way of rating that guarantee accuracy. If you are looking for a professional who you can work with, you have the option to filter profiles that have 4.5 out of 5 stars and up.

Connect with other professionals

In today’s time, let’s admit that no man’s an island. The same goes for both businesses and professionals. Professional Handshake app offers a community for both professionals and businesses to interact. In fact, professionals are encouraged to interact with each other. Using the app, you can find people with similar interests and even find a way to learn from each other. Using the app’s search filter, you will be able to find people in your location and join a group that can conduct seminars, trainings, and even just do things for fun. You will be given the opportunity to not only make friends but even learn from the experience of other people in the niche. Professionals can also find new insights from one another which can help improve overall knowledge and even practices within industries.

Freelance or full-time

You have the option to either post as a professional looking for a full-time job, or a freelancer only looking for extra work. Professional Handshake allows you to do both and apply for part-time or full-time posts. You can post in your profile your number of hours of availability per week in order to inform potential employers. This makes professionals find the best match with the most suited position given their availability.

Instant messaging

Communication is key towards a smooth recruitment and hiring process. Unfortunately, emails may not be the fastest way to communicate. Also, Skype and other VoIP are not as popular to some businesses and individuals. This is why Professional Handshake app made sure to prioritize communication in our platform. We believe that key towards a smooth sailing work environment is having the best communication with your employer and workmates. Professional Handshake app has a built-in messaging system that allows both companies and professionals to chat and even finalize a deal. For businesses, they have the chance to invite professionals for an interview in order to further discuss the details of the job. Once the professional accepted the interview, the app can be used in order to have a chat or even have a video call. This allows the company to clarify their expectations and the responsibilities that go with the position. On the part of the professional, he or she can clarify things that he or she is experienced with. This also makes questions to be raised easier.

Build a reputation in the niche

Given the fact that there we are living in a highly competitive work environment, one of the app’s main goals is to help business and professionals build a reputation that can help them grow. With the help of our rating system, we promote companies and professionals that have been highly rated for their past works. This helps open up doors for both parties. Professionals have more chances of landing more lucrative jobs, while businesses have the chance of hiring more experienced and competent professionals in their given niche. Professionals can also take relevant tests that can help boost their profile. Your score will be compared to other professionals in order to give your potential employers the idea about your competence and overall mastery of certain subject matters.

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